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Training and Awareness

Training and Awareness

The unthinkable happens who do you call? If a serious or in fact terrorist incident happens you may not be able to speak to the police or other emergency service. You will need to take steps to protect yourself, your staff and customers.

How do you fit in with the Emergency Incident process? Does your corporate team know their responsibilities in support of the emergency services and the UK?

We can develop table top exercises to suit your needs that progress in real time. We can test your incident plans and identify whether or not you have the right members of staff allocated to the correct role.

We assess your current state of readiness and help you through the following process

Testing and Exercising Plans

    • Are your plans up to date?

Pre-Planning and Prevention

    • What is the core aims of the business?
    • Impact of the organisational image
    • Health and Safety
    • Assessment of risk and probability

Existing Plans

    • Review in light of core business
    • Identify the persons responsible
    • Support business benefits

Inform, Instruct and Liaise

    • Relevant Managers and staff
    • Relevant agencies – e.g. Police/Fire etc

Audit, Review and Rehearse

    • Exercise scenario/planning. (Design, organise and implement)
    • Desk top facilitation

Adversarial briefing

    • Have you the right people in the right place to deal with an incident.
    • Have you the time to spare preparing for an incident
    • Don’t see this as a time lost but a time gained in the ability to resume your normal business.

Table top exercises

What happens when a road collision happens outside your premises – do you carry on as normal?

You are now told that one of the vehicles is carrying chemicals – now what do you do?

Road accidents are a regular occurrence – the actions you put in place can very often fit most type of incidents even terrorist incidents.

Staff Briefing

Staff are your eyes and ears, your best asset to secure and protect your business. Without training they can inadvertently let you down, don’t put your staff or business in that position. If they are part of the plan, evacuation, fire etc. ensure they know what to do.

This need not take up to much time and once your Managers know what to do they can continue the process, but we are available if you need us.

Whatever we do for you it must be value for money and give you a benefit.

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