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Radio Communications

We have a wide selection of radio communications equipment from the simple 'Walkie Talkie' to the latest in high tech handheld trunk radios. However, if you are already using a system, you can be assured that you can purchase your additions directly from 888-Group and enjoy superb customer service.

At 888-Group we have a large number of units for hire. Two Way Radios, Base Units and Trunk Communication Systems, which are all available for hire and programmed to meet your requirements.

Whatever your application there will be a radio to suit your requirements. You can start from as few as two radios and have as many in your group as you like.

We also have access to a large number of Repeaters that offer a simple and instant solution in cases where a number of people need to talk to each other over a large local area. They are very cost effective and ideal for users with small to medium sized fleets where the provision of a wide area PBR service would not be applicable.

Typical users are Motorcycle Couriers, Local Delivery Services, Take Away Food Services, Local Bus Companies and many more.

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