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Matthew began his professional writing life in 1992 on the BBC flagship soap EASTENDERS, working his way up to join the lead writing team. It was here that he met Ashley Pharoah - not surprisingly - in a bar.

During five years on EASTENDERS Matthew contributed almost 40 episodes, some of which supplied the show's biggest storylines and largest ratings. He subsequently worked on both series of semina lBBC 2 drama series THIS LIFE, which was nominated for a BAFTA.

Now Matthew branched out on his own projects. Original dramas from this time include THE LAST TRAIN - a-post apocalyptic adventure for GRANADA on the ITV Network - POW , a World War Two series for Company Pictures and ITV, starring James D'arcy and Patrick Baladi, and REACH FOR THE MOON (ITV), a romantic comedy series starring Jason Kerrigan. Another romantic comedy-drama - WALK AWAY AND I STUMBLE - starring Mark Strong, Julie Graham and Tamzin Outhewaite proved to be a ratings smash for ITV.

Matthew has enjoyed a long and fruitful relationship with drama producers Kudos Film And Television and wrote episodes of both SPOOKS and HUSTLE for them. In 2005 he finally saw his longgestated series LIFE ON MARS roll before the cameras with Kudos at the helm. Matthew wrote and co-produced both series of the megasmash and saw LIFE ON MARS pick up numerous awards, including two International Emmys.

In September 2006 he founded MONASTIC PRODUCTIONS with Ashley and together they went on to make the hit sequel to LIFE ON MARS, ASHES TO ASHES - guiding the iconic Gene Hunt through three series to his final, heart-rending conclusion. The show starred Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes.

Matthew has recently been working on a top secret show in the States with one of Hollywood's legendary director/producers - but he's not at liberty to say who just yet. The adventure continues....

Matthew Graham is represented in the UK by Valerie Hoskins Associates,
20 Charlotte Street, London, W1P 1HJ
Tel: +44 207 637 4490

Matthew Graham is represented in the USA by Ted Miller / Brett Loncar
Creative Artists Agency, 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, CA 90067
Tel: 424.288.2000 Fax: 424.288.2900