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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

Fire Risk Assessment

Identify the fire hazards

  • sources of ignition
  • sources of fuel
  • sources of oxygen

Identify people at Risk

  • people in and around the premises
  • people who are especially at risk

Evaluate, remove or reduce and protect from risk

  • evaluate the risk of fire starting
  • evaluate the risk to people from fire
  • remove or reduce fire hazards
  • remove or reduce the risk to people from fire
  • protect people by providing fire precautions

Record, plan, inform, instruct and train

  • record any major findings and action you have taken
  • advise and work with other relevant people
  • prepare an emergency plan
  • inform and instruct relevant people
  • provide training


  • review your fire risk assessment regularly
  • make changes where necessary

The Fire Safety Order applies to all premises other than Single Private Dwellings and Mines, Oil Rigs, remote farm Buildings, Ships, Cars and Planes.

Fire kills – in 2004 (England and Wales) fire and rescue services attended over 33,400 fires in non domestic buildings. These fires killed 38 people and injured over 1,300. Fire costs money and many businesses do not reopen.

Premises Fire Risk Assessment
888-Group will act as the ‘Competent Person’ on behalf of the Client to carry out Fire Risk Assessment Surveys and produce subsequent reports in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
These will include a list of prioritised ‘significant findings’ that the Client must action. We will, on requested, offer options for compliance with the findings in the light of relevant current Approved Codes of Practice, British Standards and other technical documents.

Fire Safety Reports (Generic and Specific)
Where requested 888-Group will meet with Organisational representatives to discuss their specific needs in relation to Fire Safety matters. Help you to comply with the requirements of the Legislation and or, to draft an overarching fire safety Management strategy for the organisation. It could be the creation of a specific fire safety policy/procedure for dealing with a particular risk, for example, a school that intends to open their doors to members of the public for evening classes or a means of escape policy for disabled persons.

If required, 888-Group is able to identify and create specific training programmes based on organisational need. It is envisaged however that training in the following areas will be commonly delivered;
- Awareness sessions based on the requirements of the legislation(all Organisational levels)
- Procedural and fire awareness training to fire wardens/marshals and other responsible organisational employees.
- Updates on changes to Legislation and Technical documents


We all hope this will not need to happen but being businessmen and managers we know we need to be prepared – the Health and Safety Corporate Manslaughter Legislation ensures we need to prepare.

Practice makes perfect, being aware of what to do helps and yet someone may still get hurt or even killed but going through an auditable process will help protect you and your business.

We will develop your plans with you and your staff and put in place a system of training and ongoing exercising as required by you with the needs of the business in mind.

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