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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

When will the emergency happen – if we only knew?

What will you do when the emergency happens?

What will the emergency services and other agencies be doing during the emergency?

This is an area you can influence with our help.

Within 888-Group we have people with a vast amount of hands on experience at senior levels in the Emergency Services to guide you through this process.

We can offer workshops to raise awareness of your staff as to their role in an emergency.

We can carry out one 2 ones with relevant staff identified in your emergency plan

We can visit your premises and work through your plans as a ‘critical friend’.

Remember everything you do prior to an event happening will aid your business to recover that much faster.

How do you measure your reputational value – measures put in place which
assists recovery can only enhance your reputation

Can you afford not to call us – you may even save money – will your insurance premiums decrease, will your customers look at your business differently? Will your staff recognise the work you are doing to make them safe.

Emergency Preparedness

We work with you, your Facilities Manager or Operations Manager testing or building your emergency plans whether they be preparing against flooding, power outage or a criminal activity.

Are your Crisis Plans suitable?

How often are they tested?

This need not be onerous, but in this era of litigation vital.

Do you have problems with vandalism, issues with unauthorised people on site during or outside of school hours? Theft or damage can cause irreparable disruption to your school and to teaching that cannot be measured just in monetary terms.

You have issues then we have the cost effective solution for you.

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