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Cyber Security and Assessment

Cyber Security and Assessment

‘Attacks on information systems operated by small and mid-sized companies are growing rapidly and having severe impacts on business operations’. (www.ecrimewales.com)

Many businesses are under the mistaken impression that the security steps they have taken will protect their IT.

Remember protecting your assets is far more than implementing a software fix.

What can you do to decrease the risk to your information? First of all, you can make a rule (by writing a procedure or a policy) that laptops cannot be left in a car unattended, or that you have to park a car where some kind of physical protection exists. Second, you can protect your information by setting a strong password and encrypting your data. Further, you can require your employees to sign a statement by which they are legally responsible for the damage that may occur. But all these measures may remain ineffective if you didn’t explain the rules to your employees through a short training.

Perhaps the exercise should be termed – Resilience

888-Group can assist you to achieve ISO 27001 certification. Government organisations are insisting on this level of security before contracts and tenders are agreed.


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